In 2017 the LPM Church celebrated a partnership with Foodcloud and over two years we have supported dozens of families.

We have verified an increased demand for food and basic needs products such as personal hygiene and cleaning products among the population of Roscommon surroundings.

During 2018 we have supported several families of our community, we have distributed more than 5 tons of food through our partnership with FoodCloud, from which we pride ourselves to be part.

We want each month to be able to reach more families and avoid the loss of tons of products that every year go to waste.

The collection and distribution of food has high costs and requires great logistics to get food to the needy.

Be a partner of this food mission that needs food, help us financially with your monthly donation.

You can also help us by being a volunteer, being willing to help us in the collection and delivery of food, if you have interest fill out the form.

If you need support or know someone who needs please contact us.